Calendar of Events

Monday, November 5th         5:45 - 6:15       Patient Orientation Class in Easley

Tuesday, November 6th        6:15 - 6:45      Patient Orientation Class in Simpsonville

All patients are encouraged to attend the Half Hour to Health Class and the workshops.  All in the community are also invited to attend these classes and workshops, which are free of charge and held at the office of Community Chiropractic.  These classes are professionally done and have numerous slides that contain life-changing information. The term "doctor" means "teacher," and Dr. Mobley and his team place an emphasis on educating their patients and community on the benefits of chiropractic care.   If you would like to attend one or more of our classes, simply call our office at 859-7900 or email us at  We look forward to meeting you soon!

We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events!

Monday, November 1st                   Mauldin High School Teacher Appreciation Day 

Thursday, November 15th              Bryson Middle School Career Day

Friday, November 16th                    Teacher Appreciation Day at Mckissick Elementary

Saturday, November 17th               Jones Avenue Baptist Church Craft Fair (8am - 3pm) 

Monday, November 19th                 Teacher Appreciation Day at Bryson Elementary 

Monday, November 26th & 29th     Teacher Appreciation Day at 5 Oaks Academy

Friday, November 30th                     5 Point Church Christmas Market 3pm - 9pm 

*****Our Annual Food Drive for United Christian Ministries will be Nov. 19th - Dec. 19th. Our goal is to collect 3,000lbs of food between both offices. Drop by canned goods during regular business hours.*********


Need an Event Speaker or Free Mini Massages for the office?

Dr. Mobley is a qualified speaker on a wide range of topics, including Stress Management; Raising Healthy Kids; Proper Nutrition; Facets of Health; Exercise; & Proper Body Mechanics and Ergonomics.  If you would like Dr. Mobley to speak at your business, church, school, or homeschool group, please call our office or email our Practice Representative, Kayla Rampey, at