Community Chiropractic offers a wide range of services to better serve the needs of our patients. Some of our chiropractic techniques include:

  • Full-Spine Diversified Adjusting
  • Pediatric Chiropractic Care
  • Thompson Drop Table
  • Hydromassage
  • Intersegmental Traction
  • Activator
  • Gentle Corrective Care
  • Webster Technique for Pregnancy

Ultrasound utilizes sound waves and is one of the most widely used modalities in sports medicine. It works through sound waves to help decrease pain; decrease joint stiffness; reduce muscle spasms; increase blood flow; resolve chronic inflammation.

We also have a resting area in our office that includes hydromassage tables. The physiological benefits of hydromassage include reducing muscles spasms, joint spasticity, and tenderness; increasing blood flow to the soft tissues, muscles, and joints, which stimulates healing; increasing joint mobility, allowing the patient to move with greater ease; releasing endorphins, which are neurochemicals that relieve pain; decreasing overall stress in the body.