I have experienced pain in both knees for many years. I am excited to say that after 3 months of treatment at Community Chiropractic my knees are much improved. The decompression therapy is especially helpful. Driving my car has always been painful and now it is not. I am thankful to Dr. Mobley and his staff for all they have done for me. L.L.

I have been a patient of Dr. Mobley since he opened in Easley, for neck and back issues. I also started having issues with my knees. My x-rays showed arthritis in both knees. I started seeing an orthopaedic doctor and started having cortisone shots in both knees every three months, and gel shots in both knees every six months, for the last six years.
I decided to try Dr. Mobley's knee treatment plan and I have had great results. I can exercise three days a week, work in the house and walk without knee pain.
No More Shots For Me!
I am so thankful to Dr. Mobley for bringing this treatment plan to his office. Dr. Mobley and his staff really care about their patients. V.B.

I would like to tell all of you how happy I am tonight. I was able to go shopping for several hours today without having knee pain; something I have not done in months. I was able to enjoy Christmas shopping. D.W.

I was referred to Dr. Mobley in late October 2022. My pain level in my right knee was 10+++. I could not even step down the stairs on it. Here I am one month into this knee protocol, and I can use my knee properly. No Limping, No Pain!
I'm looking forward to completing this therapy.
I'd highly recommend Dr. Mobley! His staff has treated me with kindness and has always been professional! L.M.

"I have had back problems since I was 13 years old.  I am now 50.  I am a telecommunications contractor.  I travel all over the country for work and have seen probably a dozen different chiropractors.  Dr. Mobley is the first to zero in on my unique problem.  I have not had this much flexibility in 20 years.  I highly recommend Dr. Mobley." Bill J.

"Prior to October 2008, I felt as though I had exhausted all avenues for treating my chronic headaches.  Just performing the simple tasks around home would always be accompanied by pain and debilitation.  I was to the point that my precious boys wouldn't ask me to do anything without first asking me if I had a headache.  It would break my heart for them.  I spent 6 to 7 years seeing many doctors and trying numerous prescription drugs which consisted of daily preventative meds and also pain meds that I would take upon getting the migraines.  I finally had to resort to taking steroids just to function as a wife and mother.  Not only was I dealing with the side effects from medications, but I was also becoming emotionally drained due to the fact that nothing was improving my quality of life.  I was merely existing.  Always looking for hint of hope, I had heard about Community Chiropractic. . . I was hopeful, but also afraid to trust that anything or anyone could actually help me at this point.  Community Chiropractic found the source of my problem which existed in my neck.  Dr. Mobley set a course of action for me and so the answer to long time prayers was on the way.   Within 3 to 4 weeks of receiving my adjustments, I was able to discontinue the steroids and other medications!  To this date, I am still free of medications, as we maintain my quality of health.  My children have their mother back, my husband has his wife back, and I have my life back!..." Tina E.

"Prior to coming to Community Chiropractic, I suffered with severe neck tension and pain, consistently.  I am pleased to say that I rarely have any problems now and only come in for monthly maintenance visits." Amy S.

"After seeing specialists and physical therapists and taking medications, I continued to have pain in my neck and should area.  After treatments at community Chiropractic, I am so much better - the stiffness and continual achiness are gone!  Thank you!" Becky T.

"Our daughter had recurrent - almost constant - ear infections for several months, and our pediatrician was beginning to be concerned and hinted at inserting tubes.  We were frightened at the thought of putting our child under general anesthesia and any sort of surgery at such a young age.  We had heard that chiropractic can help with ear infections in small children and began seeing Dr. Mobley.  His techniques were extremely gentle and we were even able to hold her on our lap while he adjusted her.  In two weeks and just six visits to Dr. Mobley, she was a new baby.  At her next visit to her pediatrician, he proclaimed one ear was perfect and the other had just a tiny amount of fluid left.  We were thrilled!  An answer to prayer and much thanks to Dr. Mobley!" Tracy M.

"After years of knee pain and surgeries on both knees my knees are free of pain.  On a routine monthly visit to Dr. Mobley, I mentioned that my knees had bothered me for years.  He began adjusting them and now they don't hurt anymore.  I can walk up and down stairs and long distances without them hurting like they did before.  Thank you Dr. Mobley and staff!" Vicki J.